Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have questions? Can I communicate with you?

Yes! This is one of the services that you are paying for! If you have questions or concerns, we want to hear from you so that we can work through it and help you to have the best results possible. Please have patience though and give your coach 24 hours to respond.

Do/Can you give specific meal plans/recipes?

We do not offer specific meal plans or recipes, but talk to your coach and they will work with you to plan out a day of meals for you to give you an idea. We also love to have people share their favorite recipes and encourage this on our Facebook page.

Why can’t I fill my numbers with junk food? Are micronutrients important? Do I need to care about sodium and cholesterol?

You technically could fill your numbers with junk food daily and still see body composition changes. However, you should care about your body’s internal health/structure as well. If you feed your body with junk foods, you will definitely end up feeling like junk as well because you will be lacking in the vitamins and nutrients that real wholesome foods provide. With that being said, micronutrients are very important because your body needs these as well. Sodium and cholesterol are more important to watch for if you already have pre-existing health problems or your doctor has told you to eat a lower sodium diet.

What is a macro? What is flexible dieting?

A macro is something that your body uses for energy and is divided into three categories- carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Flexible dieting is a way of eating that allows you to be flexible with your daily diet without only eating “clean” food. The point of it and why it is so successful is because you can still eat foods that you enjoy and make progress.

How close do I have to be to hitting my macros everyday? When will I see results?

These are tied in together for a reason. You need to be consistent in hitting your macros in order to achieve the greatest results. The more consistent you are, the more your body starts to adjust to what you are eating. With that in mind however, please do not be discouraged if you feel like your results are slow. Everyone’s body reacts differently and changes in it’s own way. For some, they may see results within a week but have no weight change, while others may have a difference in their weight and measurements within a couple weeks.

I am not as active as you; will this still work for me?

Flexible dieting is perfect for anybody. Not only does it give you the flexibility of food choices but also your macro numbers are given to you based on your activity level. Your coach will work with you to tweak your numbers to ensure that you are eating enough to fuel your body for what you are doing while still ensuring that you are getting the body composition that you desire.

Do I have to eat the same foods all the time? Do I need to meal prep? Can I still eat the foods I like?

You can eat the same foods all the time if that is what you want to do. Most people would get bored with eating the same things all the time because it gives the feel of a cookie cutter diet plan. If it saves time and you enjoy it, go for it. If you want to meal prep at the beginning of the week because you don’t have much time during the week to cook, that would be a smart idea to cook your proteins and some of your starchier carbs like rice or sweet potato that can be cooked in bulk and put in the fridge. The reason flexible dieting is so popular is because you CAN still eat the foods you like while losing weight and making progress. That is why it’s called flexible dieting. You can make flexible meal choices and still enjoy the things you love.

Is meal timing important?

Yes and no. In order to feel your best throughout the day, fuel your workouts, and have the best results, it is important to spread your food out accordingly. In the end though, if you don’t spread your food out evenly, it is not the end of the world and you just need to hit your numbers by the end of the day.

What is a refeed day/rest day?

A refeed day is normally given to an individual during a cut. On refeed days, carbs will typically be increased by 100g. The reason for this is that when you’re eating in a caloric deficit to lose weight, your leptin levels (leptin is a fat burning hormone) will lower which will cause the extreme hunger during your cutting phase. This is also a sign that your metabolism is slowing down. Having the refeed once a week will help boost leptin levels so your fat loss doesn’t stall.

If I want to lose weight, why do I need to eat this much?

Most people don’t even eat enough to maintain their bodyweight. When first tarting flexible dieting, clients will have to eat more than they ever have (usually). This is confusing because it is engrained in our minds that eating less will make us lose weight. However, when you’re not eating enough to begin with, your body wants to hold on to everything you give it in order to survive. Since your body is used to being underfed, it is always looking for the next thing you give it so that it can use it.

What do I do if I’m hungry/full all the time?

This is when it is important to think about the foods that you are eating. If you are constantly hungry, you need to think about eating for volume. You could eat one small protein bar, or you could have a decent amount of chicken breast, a large salad or bowl of broccoli, and ¼-1/2 of an avocado for almost the same macros. If you are full all of the time, you need to try to eat more nutrient dense foods. Protein bars, burgers and sandwiches, all provide a decent amount of carbs, fat, and protein and knock out multiple macros in one meal. Steak has a good amount of fat and protein while chicken breast is a very lean protein and therefore does not help your fat numbers much.

Do I get a cheat day/meal?

The beauty of flexible dieting is that you don’t need to “cheat” because for the majority of your journey through this, it is relatively easy to make things fit. This is something that you can talk with your coach about.

I can’t seem to hit my protein without going over on my fat.

People having problems going over on fat because of protein sources are usually eating a lot of red meat. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to eat more lean chicken or turkey to save some fat. Egg whites are also a fat free protein source as well as 0% Greek yogurt. There are also very lean options for red meat such as 93/7.

Do I need to track all my vegetables?

Vegetables are a carb, so yes. Eat enough spinach or lettuce in a day and even that can add up.

Why are my carbs so high?

First of all, try to get rid of the “carbs are bad” mentality. You probably shouldn’t save all of your carbs every day for 6 donuts as a bedtime snack (as tempting as it can be) because your energy will suffer and your body will feel it. But having treats every now and then that fit is what helps people stick to this way of dieting. Carbs are important because they fuel your body with much needed energy.

Do I have to track my supplements? Can I take a fiber supplement?

If you are taking supplements that contain fat/carbs/protein, then yes it is important to track. Fish oil still counts towards your fat intake for the day even though it is taken for health benefits. Fiber supplements are allowed but should be avoided if possible because you should be hitting your fiber through fruits, veggies, and whole grains. This helps to ensure that you are also getting your micronutrients if you are only getting your fiber from real foods.

How do I track my meals when eating out?

So many restaurants now have their nutritional info either online or on MyFitnessPal. In cases when the restaurant doesn’t, just order something that you can estimate by looking at the portions. Be aware that restaurants cook in lots of oil, so ask your waiter to cook vegetables without oil just to save some fat. If you look up restaurants information online for a place that you visit regularly, you can then create an entry under “my foods” in MyFitnessPal with the exact macros listed. Another way to estimate at local restaurants is to find a chain that is similar. For example, use On the Border for entries at your local Mexican restaurant.

What happens when I cook a dish at home with multiple ingredients?

MyFitnessPal allows you to create recipes, which greatly helps with flexible dieting. Weigh your ingredients as you are creating your recipe and add these into the recipe portion for MFP. Lets assume you are making a Crockpot dish, weigh the empty Crockpot dish before adding all of your ingredients to it. Once cooked weigh again, subtracting the weight of the dish. Take your final total and use this number as the “number of servings”. When you want to measure out an amount for your meal, if the amount you are going to eat weighs “200grams”, you are going to eat 200 servings. Or if you weighed in oz, 5oz would then be 5 servings.

I’m hitting my daily macronutrient goals but my calories are off- what am I doing wrong?

In a case like this, whoever put the entry into MyFitnessPal must have put the wrong calorie count but the correct macronutrient profile. For future reference, always pay attention to your macros at the end of the day rather than the calories.

I want to lean out and gain muscle. What do I do first?

Your coach will advise you in this, but typically you will need to lean up before you try to gain. In most cases it is hard to eat enough to maintain muscle that is gained while also trying to lower your numbers to lean up. Make sure that you are clear with your coach in what your goals are.

Why does my weight fluctuate daily? Why do I weigh myself daily?

There are a number of contributing factors to weight fluctuation. Hormones, meal timing, sleep, sodium intake, and water intake can all change your weight from one day to the next. This is completely normal and everybody’s weight will fluctuate from day to day. This is also why it is important to weigh daily. If you only weigh once or twice a week, those days could fall on a day after eating a lot of sodium or on a day when you may have eaten the majority of your carbs in the morning. Therefore you would possibly go from an extreme high to an extreme low.

Why do you need my pictures each week?

Pictures are taken weekly so that body composition changes can be seen. Sometimes the scale weight doesn’t do justice to how your body is progressing because there are so many factors that go into bodyweight, but the pictures don’t lie. Nobody enjoys this part at first but everybody has been there and in the end, you are glad that you had to take the pictures. Don’t stress about how you can’t see results either, this is why its important to have an outsiders opinion because your coach will see the results in you faster than you will see them yourself.

I’m gluten-free, or vegan. Can this still work for me?

This diet can work for anybody due to the flexibility of it. You eat the foods that you can/want/are allowed in order to meet your numbers.