Testimonial – Cassie

This experience was fantastic. I started the 3 month going through the day sluggish and barely getting through the work day, much less workouts. I exercise regularly and eat very healthfully so I couldn’t figure out what was wrong! When I started tracking my calories and macro intake it turns out I was eat way to little overall and not balancing out my macro intake with what I did eat. The coaches helped me get on a plan of eating more and balancing out macros, especially protein. I am vegan, so this was a hard one, but they gave me lots of suggestions and help. By the end of the 3 weeks, I weighted the same, but was eating at least twice as much, my overall BFP was almost 5% down, and my workouts had massively improved. I don’t get dizzy or light headed throughout the day and have tons more energy. This had been fantastic!